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* Christmas Revolving Tree Stand 圣诞树电动旋转树脚,脚架,底座.   *Modle NO. EST0326     Powerful Rotating tree stand  
 26 inch diameter leg base, This rotating tree base can be used for 4-1/2' to 7-1/2' tree but the rotates dimension of the tree trunk must be 1.25" or 0.875".The Revolving Christmas Tree Stands 360 degrees ,so the entire tree becomes visible to your family and guests. It also have an additional electrical plug-in outlet for up to 1500 miniature Indoor Christmas Light and it can hold  the weight of tree is less than 80 lbs. Spins 2-1/2 circles per minute. Base plugs into wall and tree plugs into the base.These Christmas Tree Stands utilize 120--230 volts, And a knob controls  whether the rotating is on or off. They will  rotate in forward or reverse and it comes with easy.

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American Standard  120 Voltage  Security Certificate: UL European Standard  220 Voltage  Security Certificate: VDE Australia Standard  240 Voltage  Security Certificate: SAA
Italy Standard  220 Voltage   Security Certificate: IMQ    


* Christmas Flower Planter  圣诞树花盆
PLASTIC FLOWER POTS, PLANT POTS,We SUPPLIES Plastic Flower Pots at affordable prices. Pots from 7 inches to 15 gallon,christmas tree pots, planters  and more. Used by christmas tree and flower all over the word. Perfect for the home ornament.

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